5/13 - Third Planet
DCI Tourney

We're at it again. The turn out was OK considering that I have the prpopensity for having HOLIDAY conflicts :/

Here ya see Bomie vs my bro DVPlume11
and I think that is y2ace vs JavierC

Ah, this must some early round Here ya see Bro vs Bro
Javier VS Joel
and at the foreground
our TRandom Mental masochist vs my bro

Now your getting warmer IN THE background is St!cks (Josh G, 11-14 6/23 1st Place at the ECSTS)
Derek B to the left & Sean P vs Alvin L (Top8 at the ECSTS 6/23)
-Ness knocked out 2 of our SoCal players...

Top 8 where MY BRO just could not get strated and ALVIN had his way..

y2ace HAD A TOUGH match vs Sean & Bomie in Red in the background...

The background battle: Bomie knocked out JavierC
(good showing tho)

AND farther in the background was a grueling battle that 1st ENDED in a DRAW and then St!cks pulled off.. DVile vs DVile... gotta respect that kind of player

SURVIVORS!!! Sean P (Copopthelonely), Yummybulba, & my bro DVPlume11

THANKS for a GOOD Tourney... ALVIN came in 1st... for the tourney results


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