5/5-6 WotC Westminster QT for the ECSTS

AND if anyoen WONDERS WHY it TOOK SO LONG to post these (so MANY MANY pictures)

Here are some LOCALS form the SouthBay... Fox & Manny just chilling at the Qualifier...

Jonathan won the TRIP Saturday
(sort of unbelievable)
BUT John N(rocket Zapdos6669) was not deterred we CHEERED for him and told him he would win SUNDAY... and
YOU ARE also looking at 3rd place WInner at the ECSTS and Sunday's QT Winner!!!!

Here is the GANG a GROUP of very difficult players to beat:
Nikko, St!cks, John N, Dustin G, Derek B, and Greg Les

MORE INFO to come..

AND of course I COULD not ignore our local bandits of TEAM ROCKET... in our midst we find Sabrina (hee hee), Mandy (ooh, I will have an altar of worship exclusively for our viewers (*sigh*)
Cloud(rt) and someone else...

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE, come back soon.


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