7/15 - Crazy Cat SoCal Tourney
-HAD some of the BEST SoCal players around!!!-
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AND what DO THESE Cool CATS have to do with anything?

NOTHING, just my bro's, aren't they so CUTE y2ace???

--See THE camera WILL speed up PICTURE updating--
*darn I feel so dirty*

This is OUR Saturday LEAGUE:

THANKS to Betty & Steve

THEY are going to let us HAVE the place for TOURNEYS ALLSUMMER long
(thanks too
THAT those participating
AIN'T Randoms)
you know what I mean...

This is before THE Tourney began (I arrived late)
From Back to Front:
Chris, & Mary
Tsukasa sitting with Howie,
My bro & David R
and IN the foreground is St!cks & Jojo (not in the picture.

This I think is ROUND #1
y2ace vs David R
DVGierst vs My bro
Chris vs St!cks
and Glenn...

Round #3, I think???
y2ace vs Mary
Javier vs Bomie (thanks!)
Glenn P vs Wayne
David R & Ashley...

Could be ROUND 3 also,
Table #2 it is
Joel vs Howie,
Table #3: Jojo vs Tsukasa
Table #4 Jonathan vs Stewart (finished 3rd Fri)
and St!cks vs DVPlume11
-always a Rivalry NOW!!-

Jojo And Mary
WHo shall remain UNDEFEATED???

Round #4:
IN the foreground:
Howie vs Josh
Chris vs Jonathan

I was TOO busy to take pictures )I shall ASK for help NEXT time...

Here are sorta' the Finals.
Third & 4th are duking it out:
y2ace & St!cks (Background)

Howie And Joel C
decided to make it a DRAW
BUT they're battling
for FUN

Phew, We survived the TOURNEY!!!

Here is the GANG:
DVPlume11, Howie, y2ace, and Tsukasa...

LET's see you again soon!!!


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