Third Planet
-HOME of some PAST SoCal tourneys and ONE of the LEAGUES we ATTEND-

League has FOUND some new blood, NEW Pokemon TRAINERS that have joined us!!
WHO says POKEMON is dead?

ROTFL, THIS is WHAT happens when our Team RANDOM Camera MAN gets behind the lens, ahem y2ace, how do you PLEAD???

Here are some TOUGH matchups, The Casillas Brothers, My bro & y2ace do you REALLY want to know what they are BATTLING?, and Hey DAVID you are NOT THAT ugly!!

Here are our VENERABLE Gym leaders... Mary (who made TOP 8 at our LAST Tourney, CONGRATS!!!

Her are some more LEAGUERS on a TUESDAY evening!!! CAN you HANG with that TABLE in the BACK tho???

Hey RJ nIce METAGAMING (he beat me last weak)!!
Join us every TUESDAY 4-6pm


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