Maple Bar Invitational (MBI)
-Thank to Pikabruce for use of his photoes
-I Wonder what this CAT is missing?-

MEET: (left to right)
Pop, MTPat, Shawn, IPGeek21,
Sensei, & Tyais

DarkMaster Steve & Kori

MTPat & Pokesensei
(gotta love all THAT hair around here)

'Pop & Tyais battling it out

Shawn mesmerizing IPGeek21
w/ Sabrina's Golduck
(and I thought that I HAD him)
He showed me the power of Koga's Pidgey

DMTM & Gordon Kane (didn't even know it was him until afterwards)

<----'Pop & Kori
<-------(Don't you just HATE 2ndTK's?)

THANKS to 'Sensei for persevering... w/o him I WOULDN'T
have been a part of this.
-AND somehow because of my experience at the ECSTS I've done my darndest to PROMOTE (participate) in the GAME!!
-Good Job done MT's!!!-

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