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FemaleQ's "THE WAR is ON..."
--before we get a WORD on 3/8's Thurs. Chat

War is being waged at this very moment. A war between Pokemon players and Wizards of the Coast.

The reason?

Two week ago, WotC announced that the 15+ division of the Super Trainer Showdown and its Qualifiers was dropped.

Many people see this as a short-sighted decision of Wizard's behalf, not only because many won't be allowed to play, but because those people were a big part of past STS's.

Some even reported that the Master Trainers, in their defense, said, "But there will be other side events and prizes." (Note: This statement is unconfirmed.)

Here's what I believe to be the problems with this decision.

Side Events and Prizes at the STS for Those Who Won't Be Playing in the Big Event.

The problem with this? People come from all over the world to play in an STS. I can guarantee you that they aren't going to pay hundreds of dollars in Hotel, food, and car rental fees just for some Pokemon booster packs. People come here to have a shot at being recognized, to win the whole thing. It may be nice to win some boosters, but people could do that in their hometown.

The Parents' Aspect.

PokePop, a respected moderator at WizPOG, had this to say, "Would I bring my son to an event that didn't welcome me as a participant and only wanted my son to take part? Well, as it turns out, my son (7 then) was not skilled enough to hold his own it the tourney, so we spent our time in the side events anyway. However, now that he is getting older, I would like to look forward to participating side by side with him in our respective groups."

Most parents don't feel like bringing their children, and having to sit around waiting for them.

Others' Feelings On the Exclusion of 15+

Here are a few quotes taken from WizPOG and Pojo.com on how others, not necessarily 15+, feel about Wizards' decision.

"Oh, and if little kids aren't good enough to beat us... Tough! It's the SUPER trainer showdown, not the fairly decent trainer showdown, with people who steal decks from good players and pass them of as their own..."--GekigangerIII.

"As someone who'd be competing in the 15 + and who was really looking forward to playing again this year, I would like to say, tho, that yelling and ranting and insulting wotc and/or its employees won't help the cause much....I dont believe the master trainers came up with this idea. I plan to email WOTC repeatedly asking that the ruling be repealed, and I hope enough other people join in.... I don't want to give up my opportunity to compete in the game." ---purity.

"Well, this does hurt every bracket, removing some of the reasons for the family to go."--yoshi1001

My Thoughts

I myself do not like the decision made by WotC. I'm not attending the ECSTS, only because I'm in California. Though, when they bring the STS here, I'll be 15, and if the 15+ is not brought back, I won't be playing.

15+ are the ones that support sales mostly. And parents who have children also contribute. Some people may think of this whole thing as some kind of way to get people interested in Magic: The Gathering, a game WotC has control over. Maybe it is, but I can tell you that it won't work as planned.
Thanx for reading. Next time, I'll probably have something on what types of decks to take to the STS (depending on the decision by Wizards, and formats and such.)



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