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The War is On - femaleq

SoCal Metagame - by Fartonsticks

Why Professor Oak and Computer Search?
-By SNESWhiz

Gligar's INTRO Articles
to Pokemon

Article 1: Just Startin' Out: Pokemon

Article 2: Trainers

Article 3: Energy

Article 4: Strategy & Deck Construction

Article 5: Playing The Smart Way

Voltorb43's In-Depth
Look @ Trainers
(as seen at www.pokeschool.com)

Trainers 101 - Chpt 1 Introduction

Trainers 101 - Chpt 2: Drawing and Searching

Trainers 101 - Chpt 3: Disruption

Trainers 101 - Chpt 4: Healing and Defense

Advanced Studies In Deck Designs

Archetype Theory (By Tedv & Kaoru Miki)
-Provided By Gloom'

With lurili

Theory ø InSaNiTy By lurili

The HISTORY of the InSaNiTy (& Pokemon) by lurili

**The Insanity Project


with the Impossible Man
--I-MAN will be missed... A CONTRIBUTOR to our SITE, one of many who LENT CREDENCE to this humble home... Auf wiedersehen!!!--

Status Effects (Behind the Scenes with the IMan)

The Strategic Philosophies - By The Impossible Man

The Cleaner Pokemon (edited version) - By the I-Man

The Cleaner - Series Finale - By the I-Man (6/9/01)


Pokemon Name Origins - G. Hutton

Name Origins (Neo Names) - Scott Parker

MISC: Pokemon Net ACRONYMS (Thanks Feral_shade)

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