The Cleaner
The Series Finale
(For your Archives Juan)
*You'll be missed, TAKE CARE!!!*

Sorry for making many those of you who care wait a long time.

2 years ago I built this little deck of mine. During these two years, Pokemon has lead me to a great inspiration in becoming a Sci-Fi Writer curtesy of the Old Pokegym's Fiction Forums. I seek and became a published author. Now comes the time for me to set aside Pokemon for it had manifest my livelyhood(SP).

I am leaving the TCG so that I can focus all of my strength and finances in Publishing the rest of my Novels I have completed so far and continue to write
many more novels without Distraction or interference.

I love Pokemon as much as I love Video Games that this originates from, and I love Anime that I will soon begin a fight for. How you saw me fight for the my Cleaner will be what you will witness through my Novels. I have new inspirations and a new quest I seek to fulfill. Tonight I end one Chapter and Begin a new one.

But before I go I want to tell future Generations of Pokemon TCG something very important. Please listen to me carefully...

I know what has become of the TCG. Many people will never fully understand the world I see before my eyes in the TCG. As Gameplayers and Deckbuilders
you control the Destiny of your deck. No one individual or One Whole Website have the power to dictate the way your own individual Deck should look like or what card is Viable For a Deck or Tournament. You are only seeking advice not the final word or the final say as some people and Websites Believe themselves to be. I stress this greatly, no Website or one person Opinion is gospel. YOU are the final say of your own deck. Each and everyone one of you individual players out there should have faith in your own abilities and your
own decks strategy.

There is no GREATER Victory savored then conquering the odds against you.

I wish you the new generation the best of luck and may your dreams and happiness be inspired.

And Now...

The Cleaner - The Series Finale

8 Fire Energy
8 Grass Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy
3 BS. Growlithe
2 BS. Arcanine
3 BS. Koffing
3 F. Magmar
3 J. Lickitung
2 ND. Igglybuff
4 Energy removal
3 Gust of Wind
3 Narrow Gym
3 Professor Elm
3 Professor Oak
3 Switch
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Gold Berry

The Substitute Team: F. Ditto, R. Oddish, E. Dratini LV17, K. Koffing(With Smokescreen), BS. Tangela, F. Grimer, NG. Cleffa, J. Jigglypuff, NG. Hoothoot

The Strategy(New Errata):
Use the Pokemon and there Status Effects to KO as Many Pokemon as Possible while Preparing the Stage 1 Cleaner Pokemon. After Powering up the Cleaner Pokemon make it Active to Clean either A) The Prizes or B) the Bench.

Like I said...

I was going to end the Cleaner Upgrades the way I begin 2 Years ago when I first posted in the ol' Pokegym.

With No Rares.

Special Thanks Goes To:

Chipmunk(The one who Gave me the Green Light Effect to Pursue Archetypehood for the Cleaner), Tyais(for the exposure), Voltorb(my First Witness of the Cleaners Abilities), Buzzdude, Hyzone of TripleEdge, Mindblade, Koriborous, Bomeister, Lurili, Crono, Speeddrillmaster (The first to post to the Cleaner at Pokegym), Zorak and his Almighty Vaporizor... Pokegym Fan Fictions Olde Guarde - Chansey of Death, Tia3(Take Care or yourself), Madelyn, Myu2000, Entei of the Shadows... Moltres23 for your GB Advise, Pokepop, Pokesensei, Crisbo, Big Daddy Snorlax, Magmar2000 and Doctor Glen of Pokeschool, IPGeek21 and DVPlume, Tyranitar666, Fartonsticks, Qasic, Jackie Chun, CjMich, BJJ763, Super Jipi, All of the Edge Teams of old #Pokeleague, Azalyn, Vinny, Cardplace99... all the people who stuck behind me the past two years thank you, All MTs thank you, And anybody else I have missed from the past two years Thank you very much.

And to All the Cleaner Fans out there...


Well... Goodbye. :)


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