The Cleaner:
A Status Effects Analysis
By the I-Man
(As seen on WizPog!!!)

ChinoMoreno: "The cleaner strategy is flawed. You do not go into a battle saying, "I'm gonna KO 3 pokemon with status, the ko them with my cleaner.""

Actually I already have gone into battle numerous times saying "I'm gonna KO 3 Pokemon with Status, then ko them with my
Cleaner." And I still stand before you Mr. Chino to this day gaining these victories.

My suspicions was correct on what you thought Status Effects are and man you could be no more flawed in logic than any I have seen.

But first and foremost...

The Cleaner works in more ways than you have flawlessly can imagined. I have proven since the Jungle Expansion of 1999 that the Cleaner's Strategy works. People have used it and won it and posted up their own Tourney Reports that it works. I have witnesses from Pokegym, Pojo, and Pokeschool In Real Life, Not Apprentice or some Internet Program, that I have met personally and played them personally with my Cleaner showing them the Strategy works. Because you cannot grasp the true concept of Status Effects as a whole does not warrant you to say that the Strategy of my Deck is Flawed after having proved it's abilities and potential.

Now that that is out of the way let's get down to business.

One of the things you fail to understand is the true power of the Status Effects. You have limited the Status Effects in your topic as Coin Flipping and High Costing. But you don't know the long term effects. You are thinking with Beatdown knowledge. Status Effects are not made for Beatdown they are made for Card Advantage. And what great Card Advantage they give.

I am not going to argue about the Flipping. I mean come on don't insult our intelligence about the Coin Flipping Aspect of Status Effect. We all know about that. Second you did not fully explore Status Effects. You just looked at the cards and their cost and look the Rulebook on how they work and drew conclusion from. I am betting you never even played with the Status Effects at all in the benefit of giving your final analysis of Status Effects.

Whether you wish to listen to learn or not is entirely up to you but I am going to tell you how the Status Effects work. And what Bonzibomer told you is only half what Status Effects can do Entirely.

Lesson #1:

Okay one of the cool things the Status Effects Act as... are Trainers. (go ahead laugh away) Each Status Effects has Resemblance to some of the Disruptive Trainers we come to know and Love. Let's begins with...

Poison: You so easily stand there and say that retreating will eliminate the effect. You are right but you see while your opponent Poisoned your Pokemon you are thinking he is just trying to get that 10 Extra Damage so you say "I will retreat". You discard 1 to 4 Energy cards let's say you do the classic Scyther Switch, BAM you got rid of Poison. You stand there thinking that your Opponent just wanted that extra damage. Never, never assume that 10 Damage is what your Opponent is getting. Look carefully he just ER'd you without using ER itself. With 10 Damage Bonus.

Confusion: You and your statistics cannot truely be the final conclusion. With Confusion you create the ultimate stumper on your opponent. Attack or retreat? You can do both but you can only attempt retreat once and attack once. Okay so you say HA I can retreat and win the flip and Eliminate Confusion. But once Again you give your opponent a free ER whether you win or lose the flip. As for the Attacking part well you do 20 Damage to yourself but you forget that Weakness and Resistance is Applied with Confusion. Poor MP Mewtwo I Gust Your MP Mewtwo pit it against my Base Set Koffing you know The one with the Win-win Confuse/Poison flip. You forgot about that one did you? Especially when you said there is no Instant Confusion . I confuse the Mewtwo you think it was a joke for that to happen. Now think before you Beatdown with Mewtwo. Do you want to risk a chance at Ko'ing your own Mewtwo? That is 40 Damage (Weakness to itself) and Koffing gets another cheap shot in. Will you risk retreating and go through wasting your attack turn on Absorb or to risk failing thus having to go risk face another Confusion again on your next turn trying to Absorb you Energy cards back. So many unpredictable Situations with Confusion it isn't funny. And I haven't even gotten to how you Deplete Deck just to eliminate a Status Effect.

Paralysis and Sleep - They, like Confusion, has a Lass like Ability. You can't attack under those conditions, you can't retreat, so you need Scoop Up. The Problem is do you Scoop Up now or later. Well it is very intricate(SP). What if you don't have a Scoop Up in your hand? You decide to Comp Search. You discard 2 cards and use Comp Search. You get Scoop Up and you play it. Yeah you got rid of Confusion, Paralysis or Sleep but at the expense of 4 of your own cards discarded.

Which now brings us to the cool part of the Status Effect -
Card Advantage.

When we talk Card Advantage it is always in the view of the Amount of Cards in your deck and in your hand. There is no Card Advantage in the Discard Pile and "In Play". So how does the Status Effects give you card Advantage? Well if have read some of the above as to how Status Effects act like Trainers themselves then you probably got the gist of the Card Advantage already. Let's start.

Lesson 2:

You play
No Removal Gym, The Gym gives you a chance at acquiring Card Advantage because you opponent has to discard 2 Cards in order to Play ER or SER. We are looking at 3 to 4 Cards gone just to use (Super) Energy Removal. How do you get around this? Poison and Confusion.

Let say
Poison it is the easiest of the all to get rid. You never think twice about what Poison is truely doing to you because all you are thinking of is Beatdown Mr. Chino. So Instead of me Getting rid of 2 of my own cards to use ER or 4 cards to use SER I Poison your 2 Retreat Wigglytuff. Now before you go on to say I will fight with it till its KO'd... you must think about that strategy. So let's say you decide to do the Old Scyther Trick. You better have enough Energy on Wigglytuff because you only allowed 1 Energy Drop and doing a crapload of damage with Wiggly requires 3 Colorless Energy. You retreat Discard 2 Cards and eliminate the Poison. At the same time I got around your No Removal Gym and SER you. Don't laugh no one likes to retreat and waste their Energy cards. Now here is the results of the Card Advantange under Poison:

A)You With
No Removal Gym try to force 3 Cards to be Used by Your Opponent with ER.

B)Your Opponent Poisons you with intent of Making you Retreat to discard 2 Energy cards.

Result Your Oponent gets around No Removal Never Dropping a Single card from his hand and forced you to lose 2 Precious Energy cards. Advantage your Opponent 0 cards to 2 of yours.


Confusion has the same results of Poison but it also can do what Sleep and Paralysis can do also. So let's begin.

Okay Lets say I want to get rid of your Hand without using
Lass, TR Trap, Sneak Attack. You laugh yet again? Okay here is what happens when you suffer from these effects. You don't want those effects to linger around you can't retreat so you Decide to get Scoop Up. If Scoop Up is in your hand fine you use but in the Process hand your Opponent a free SER as intended. But what if it isn't in your hand what if it's in your deck. Okay Comp Search is your Savior. Let the counting begin...

Comp Search - 1 card used.
Discard 2 - 2 cards used.
Get Scoop Up and Use it - 1 card used.
Let's say a fully Pumped Sneasal Darkness Energy Goes - 2 cards gone. (Ecogym Can't save them)

Total cards gone 6 cards gone. And Commonly people are with an Average hand of 4 per turn barring
Oak and Bill. So there goes your hand and your stuck topdecking. Plus Sneasel can't attack unless you retreive 2 Darkness Energy which you can't get back in your Discard since they are not Basic Energy and that means more serching which results in another 2 cards gone for Comp Search. Or Sporadic Oaking which depletes your deck.

Overall I used 0 cards to get rid of 6 of your cards. +6 Card Advantage.

Now of course these are just some of the infinent(SP) of possiblilites presented by Status Effects that can come out.

It is time for
Lesson Three...

Another thing Status Effects can do is Stall (
Licki especially). You can't attack under Paraysis and Sleep and you risk doing 20 under Confusion. In the meantime I am giving one card (Common Strategy) to each of My Pokemon thus I have backup attackers when I lose my Active. At the same token you are ransacking your deck just to get the Status Effect out and giving me the Deck Advantage of Beating you by Decking. Trainers can only be used once and Item Finder can only take you so far to avoid decking. Not even Garbage Run can Counter Consecutive Oakings and Garbage Runs only gives Energy and Pokemon back with no Trainers. And well most Trainers are Win-Lose Flips which sucks.

Lesson 4:

Okay now while you have limited Status Effects as a Means of Beatdown instead of what they truely are let me explain to you what long term result is when you are hit by a Status Effect.

With Beatdown Decks they have a Strategy. (You can't have a deck without a Strategy) The Problem with Beatdown is that Strategy is set on the short term basis not the long term or in between. People expect Beatdown to win within 5 to 10. (I am being generous on 10) You waste about 10 to 20 Cards on average. (I have counted everytime I played Turbo and beatdowns) Now you execute your Strategy. You can get your win very easily within 5 turns. I hit you with a Status Effect and you once again use
Comp Search or Item Finder and got Scoop Up and rid of it. You play your Oak again and did Beatdown once more. I hit you with a Status Effect you go through the Process Again only this time now my Pokemon are powering up and my Bench is Growing. I bet you don't even drop any Energy card to your bench every turn and instead Concentrate your Energy on the Active Primarily.

Well now let's say it is tenth turn you got 2 Ko's. (Being Generous Again) You haven't won the game, there is Bench full of Pokemon capable of attacking your Pokemon each turn. Your
Wigglytuff or Electabuzz or some Beatdown Pokemon is now Paralyzed. Or Confused. Or Asleep. Almost half your deck is gone now all your Oaks and Bills are used up because you did that Millstone/Grind Tactic (See Magic) and now there is no more Scoop Ups or (S)ERs to slow me down. You can't Beatdown consistently and now your Opponent controls you. Sure you can get another KO but you basically arrogantly screwed yourself.

BUT ONCE AGAIN that is one of Infinite of possibilities when it comes to Status Effects. I probably now gave you every bit of an advantage on Status Effects but the question is... how do you react when it happens? Reading and doing are two seperate things.

Final Lesson:

There is reason why Pokemon have low HP and High Energy Cost when it comes to Status Effects. Come closer...

It is because Status Effects Are BROKEN. If they have No Flipping, capable of doing 20 to 40 damage on 1 to 2 Energy cards, and have 70 to 120 HPs that Pokemon is BROKEN. Do you think that would be fun to get
Paralyzed Every turn while suffering 40 with 2 Energy and never getting a chance to attack back? Sorry Mr. Chino but we can't all have every single Pokemon card featuring 20 to 40 Damage on 1 to 3 Energy Cost just like that.

Your Logic is very flawed in comparing Attack Costs with the attack itself. Status Effects are VERY Powerful. The results are devestating. The Base Damage of Attacks HAS to be low or looking at a Very Broken Pokemon. I would love for
Base Set Koffing to deal 20 Damage instead 10 with a win-win flip but that would be Broken. The other thing you have forgotten is that the Base Damage that goes with the Status Effects applies Weakness and Resistance. Through Poison you can do 30 Damage on one Energy with Weakness applied, 40 if you don't rid Poison effect on your turn.

You see the problem here is that you did not Base you Analysis of the Status Effects on the results they can do. You are only basing them on what they can do, what Percentage they have in execution and Energy Cost it takes to use them. All you did was read the card and make your conclusion just like that. Plus you only analyzed a Couple of Pokemon as if theose are the only ones in the TCG. I would safely say that 40% of all the Pokemon in the game spread across the Basic 6 Colors (you forgot the Status Effects are also used by Pokemon Beyond the Color Green)

And before you can stand here and say that you can
Scoop Up/Switch/Full Heal/Full Heal Energy to knock the Status Effects away you have to ask yourself before using them will I need them now or later?

On a final note Status Effects are not something to laugh about or arrogantly mock someone at. Those Status Effects are very Powerful once applied and it is never the point of NOW in time of battle that the Effects will work... but in the Late Stages of the game where you will find yourself face to face with a Fully Pumped, Healthy No HP Damaged
Arcanine ready to Clean out your Bench. Where you have no Trainers or FHEs or anything else for that matter that can protect your Pokemon because you wasted them all on eliminating the Status Effects in the beginning of the game. And that is just the Cleaner can't imagine what the results of the Other Status Effects Decks are like.


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