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By Lurili

InSaNiTy. One of the most well known decks throughout the Pokemon community. It's foundation, that of a Haymaker, one of the most used decks ever. Yet then, why is that hardly anyone plays it?

There is a simple answer. They don't know how to. After 2 years of research, constant upgrading and constant playtesting, I have finally been able to gather up all my thoughts and post them for the Pokemon community. This article is a guide that will allow you to play InSaNiTy better and therefore lead you to play ANY deck better.

InSaNiTy is the hardest deck to play because of the TecH. Some people consider the decks victories coincidence and luck and that is why this whole thing is only a Theory thus far, though it has been tried and proved to some extent. I hope you enjoy this article and any commentary is welcome. Here goes!

1. The Theory...

The Theory is just that, a theory. It has not yet been proven right or wrong and can either be accepted or flushed. With so much criticism involved you will need to rely on your own knowledge to judge and infer any outcome that you derive from this theory.

The basic thing I should warn you about are the doubting and complete ignorance some of you may be accustomed to. Just read and take in and no one gets hurt

The Theory of InSaNiTy basically states the following:

"Your deck is your source. He is your friend. You can not let your friend die(deck). Your deck is what you trust on to play the game. Without it you have nothing. Deck comes first. Pokemon selection second. Trainers are good and help your friend help you. Yet, never rely on your friend because he isn't 100% truthful. You must know him internally. You must know his workings, his knacks. You must use what he gives you. He only provides you with the answer. How you use it is completely up to you. Should you discard that Energy or that Bill? Your deck will not think for you and therefore you must learn to also make the right decision based on instinct and inference. That is the Theory of InSaNiTy."

2. InSaNiTy

For those of you who have been there since the beginning you would know the whole latter I am going to mention.

InSaNiTy hardly mulligans! When you get to know your deck completely inside and out and can predict things like never before you will never mulligan. I can shuffle endlessly and allow you to cut and I will have a 62% chance of drawing 2(2!) Basics. Some might say that it's just luck. It's not. You must get it through your head that luck is not as a huge a factor in the game. Luck is just a term used when your deck isn't responding. Yet, why does your deck stop responding? You must take that into account. When you start to rely on luck rather than your deck you must make a new perspective on the game. InSaNiTy helps with this whole issue.

With InSaNiTy since you have a lot of TecH you must learn to decide what to use when and how. PC Search, Lass, draw into an ItemFinder? No. It isn't that easy. You must think about your options. When you learn to quickly infer about your options it will seem easy and THAT is the goal of Theory of InSaNiTy. You will know what to do in a certain situation and will be able to determine the effect of your play before you make it. I consider it playing on your instincts when you learn to do it. It will become a part of you practically.

3. How to play the InSaNe Way

Well, here is the majority and bulk of the information in this article. This is what the whole Theory of InSaNiTy boils down to: how to play InSaNeLy. The reason that it is considered InSaNe is because, let me show you a certain scenario:

Bob has 2 ERs in his hand. Sue has a Lass. Sue considers her options and plays InSaNeLy and relies on her senses. She plays an Oak rather and discards the Lass. Next turn Bob plays the 2 ERs which cost Sue the game and a box of cards, the prize for the tourney. Sue then goes crazy thinking it over.

That last sentence tells you why it is InSaNe. Since you learn how to consider your options and think it all through as though a sixth sense, when you make a mistake you will know it WILL cost you the game. You must attempt to play as flawless as possible, ALWAYS. When you mess up you will think about that play for a couple of week. You will playtest so much against that scenario that you will temporarily go InSaNe. It's happened =\. Anywho, here is the guide based off of playing InSaNiTy, the deck.

a. Play a lot

I can not stress this point a lot. The more you play the more you learn. The more you learn the better you become. The better you become, the smarter your plays will be. Each Turn you take can be divided into 5 segments:

a1: Draw phase
a2: Evaluate option
a3: Play Trainers Phase
a4: Think each Trainer through
a5: Attack

b: Think about everything you just did during your opponent's turn

This is critical. You should hardly ever pay attention to your opponent. The only things you should pay attention to are his hand size, his bench, his active, and you should try to psyche him out. All of that can give you great advantages. Psyching out by making him think you have a Trap or a Chaos Gym is just fun. While you psyche out your opponent go over every Trainer you played.

You should learn to make a mental count of each card you used so that you can think of what is left in your deck. This is how you evaluate your options. By become the friend of your deck you will learn to make mental counts of what's left and how you should partition each thing. How many Full Heals have I used? Maybe I should search for the ItemFinder and reuse that Lass to allow myself some time to get the Full Heal. That is the type of thinking you should do after your turn while you psyche out your opponent. He will think you are looking at his every move when really you are thinking about your turn. It will save you VALUABLE time which you can then use to think over your Pokemon rather than what you are going to do now that it is your turn. This technique is truly effective and is how you play InSaNeLy.

c. The Mental Count

The mental count is the technique of making the deck your friend. After continuously playing with your deck you will learn it's knacks and how it acts. You will begin to notice things you never did before. The mental count is the following:

"To mental count is to keep track of EVERY card played."

That means yours and your opponents. Yet one thing you should notice is that you will always be a turn ahead of your opponent since your thinking your turn while he is playing his turn. While he thinks about playing that energy your already thinking about how many
Rocket Sneak Attacks you've used and how that Trap in your hand should be used for the Computer Search for the ItemFinder to get the NGR. Hmm. Well, one thing you should think about is: "Are all those cards where they are???"

By mental counting you will know. By knowing how much of what card has been played you will be able to determine if all your
NGR are in the discard pile or not. If not then play through and ItemFinder for the Oak instead! Another good way of doing this is to sift through your discard pile. A lot easier but more time consuming. For those of you who are hardcore players I recommend the mental count because it will increase your productivity 3 fold.

d. Know what your deck is capable of

Knowing what your deck is capable of is the most important aspect of the game. By playtesting frequently and knowing what your deck can and can't do you will gain the experience needed to make smart plays and decisions. By knowing what your deck is capable of you will also be able to predict how the game will go against a certain deck like let's say a Lock deck. They are tough cookies but as you play with your deck you will TecH your deck without disrupting your flow. this leads into the next section:

4. To Tweak or not To Tweak, that is the question!

This is one aspect that you must consider. After playtesting and playtesting and thinking through and knowing the match-ups you will gain a vast amount of knowledge that you can take and utilize whenever you either make a new deck, upgrade an existing one, or tweak your current deck.

By this I bring up the subject of tweaking. Tweaking is to add a card subtract a card and just plain TecH. Tweaking allows you to view your decks weaknesses and how you should cover them up is based on your knowledge. If you become extremely good off of this whole article you will notice what I mean.

By knowing all this info you basically will Tweak your deck with expertise rather than sending them down everyday to the deck mechanics. How do you think they do it! Anywho, the easiest method of tweaking is playing against your worst match-up and then your easiest match-up. Add cards to TecH your worst match-up and if they work efficiently go play against your easiest match-up. If you have difficulty you should continue to tweak until you have a certain balance in which you have successfully TecHed against both decks and all the ion betweens. It is a time consuming process that lasts weeks but trust me, the satisfaction and boxes of cards that it brings are tremendous!

5. Put it all together and what do you have?

When you put the techniques described above together you will be able to play practically any deck flawlessly and thus outplay your opponent even in a match-up between a deck that should usually beat your deck.

The reason for this is because since you will use all your time effectively you will be able to just pump everything out fast and efficiently. Each play becomes a strategical analysis rather than a game. Even for the casual gamer can these techniques apply. Just not as successfully as hardcore or serious players, though they can develop over time.

6. The End?

It's as simple as that! A good four pages and your done. I do have one thing to state though:

Be careful! If you learn and can do all that I have mentioned extremely well you shouldn't be so hard on yourself when you make a simple mistake. Try to control it. InSaNiTy has no cure besides playing more. That is why I post that warning at the beginning of each of the new InSaNiTy upgrades. It is directed at people who commit mistakes and never forgive themselves for not using the Rocket's Sneak Attack rather than the Computer Search to remove that threat which could have given you the trip to the ECSTS.

Also, this little Theory guide isn't solely directed toward people trying to get InSaNiTy to work right for them. It is more for the whole community. It is a whole guide I have put together based off of my knowledge. Thanks and good day to you all.

A lurili production in association with his InSaNe mind...

Thëørÿ ø ÏnSäNïTÿ®© is a Trademark of Richard Caldera(lurili). Please ask for permission to post it on your site if you would want to. No editing of any kind should be made to this post or to the work as a whole. Thanks.

P.s.: i will continously update this because I can't type THAT much in one straight sitting. =\

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