Why Professor Oak and Computer Search?
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This is the first of my (hopefully) many articles designed to help new players learn techniques. By posting it here, I can help new players learn more about the game, and reference this article while posting responses to their decks. I have no set schedule for new articles--I am simply writing them when I feel like it and when I have time.

So why do you need Professor Oak and Computer Search?

These two cards are card-drawing engines, allowing you to go through your deck to find what you need. It's always nice to get a fresh hand so you can use even more of what you need.

Let's start with
Professor Oak. Professor Oak reads "Discard your hand, then draw 7 cards." Many new players are afraid to play this card. At one point, so was I. I thought, "I might deck myself, and I have to discard everything in my hand too!" Not until I saw someone play it against me, and beat me in just a few turns did I realize what Professor Oak could do. If the cards are still in your hand, then you must not really need them since you haven't played them yet. Go ahead and discard them, and get 7 more cards so you can get what you truly need at that moment.

Next, let's move on to
Computer Search. Computer Search reads "Discard 2 other cards from your hand in order to search your deck for any card and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward." This card lets you get exactly what you need. If you just need one card, such as a Pluspower, to defeat your opponent, then you can get it. Most often, though, you will Computer Search for Professor Oak so you can get a completely new hand and even possibly get multiple cards that you need.

Now, why not
Professor Elm? It reads "Shuffle your hand into your deck. Then, draw 7 cards. You can't play any more Trainer cards this turn." Instead of just wasting your cards, they go back into your deck to prevent decking. Many players prefer Professor Elm since it doesn't since you don't lose the cards that were in your hand. However, the big downside of Professor Elm is not being able to play any more trainer cards. Many times the purpose of getting a new hand is to get that one trainer you really need. You lose that advantage by playing Professor Elm.

Bill? This card reads "Draw 2 cards." There's really no downside to Bill. It used to go in every deck, but I have now found it is not as useful as before. There are so many trainers to choose from, that room must be made for other cards. If you really need more cards though, Computer Search and Professor Oak can help you do so.

If you're scared to play
Computer Search and Professor Oak, just give them a try. Put 3-4 of each in your deck, and playtest them. Don't be scared to Oak your hand. What you need could be in the next 7 cards.



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