April 29th @ All Star Games
The Photo Session

Guess what round this is?
Wrong! The 1st, Scott Gerhardt made a special appearance... & it was ALL the commotion.

Bomie versus Scott in the TOP 8... 2-0 against Scott G
(who was a little out of practice... not by much though)

A Burger King break

in between swiss & top 8 finalist.
MEET from left to right: Grayfox, Clefairy Doll (Chris A), Alvin L, Sean P, &... I don't remember.

This may only be a temp picture... its ain't weird enough... BUT I gotta share this one with everyone!!!
-Mr. Ala-Kazaaam!-

Here we are... THE FINAL pictures... Well except for that of Doll & Scott... oh well.
<---- Meet Bomie (with the Fence) & Derek two TOUGH yet down to Earth competitors...

and above we have the Brothers R. Finally we get to meet David R... cool guy who begins to participate in the tourneys...


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