Sun 4/29/01 All-Star Games
GrayFox' April Tourney Results:
-Photo Session-

Top 8

1) Andrés Rodriguez (Bomiester)

2) Derek Bowling

3) Chris Amaral
(Clefariy Doll)

4) Kevin Ko (GrayFox)

5) Kevin Chang

6) Sean Poestkoke

7) Charles Mao

8) Scott Gerhardt
(The One & only)

Final Standings

1) Andrés Rodriguez (Bomiester)

1) Derek Bowling

3) Sean Poestkoke

4) Kevin Chang

Impressive turnout. It was a lot of fun seeing OTHER players from SoCal. Met Maverick Hunter Zero, saw Satoshi (& that cool Pojo Hockey shirt), Chris & Scott IN the FLESH - I know what you are thinking... AND Chobo & Grayfox again

My bro didn't do so well (exhaustion for 1 thing) BUT THE WALL did (hmmm, now how many did I see & how many MORE may we see?) There is the Derek & Bomie version of it... It works, doesn't it...
BEWARE of the deck!!!

WOW, I can't seem to get it together lately bleh, I'll play you again Grayfox!! - ipgeek21


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