April 28th @ San Jose QT
in Eastville Mall, San Jose CA
veni, vidi, vici!!
The Photo Session
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These were SOME of the COOL guys
we met while at San Jose
(actually we got there EARLY, so did these guys)
left to right: Ronald M, Ly,
(my bro)DVPlume11,
& twinsen21
(nasty trap)

Alright, I was a happy journeyman... MY GOAL was to meet and if possible PLAY THE WEBMASTER OF FAKE POKEMON CARDS
Nick15 himself...WHOA, what awesome artwork.
a macOphile too!!
-I loved this game... he didn't tho ;) -

A miscellaneous pict at league games.

I remember that girl in the final round of my bro's flight... & Nick15 says he doesn't like pictures... aah no I see the resemblance.
IN the foreground is GRAX or some alien pretending to be a carpet cleaner & my bro.

Unbeknownst to ALL OF US... THAT would be his OPPONENT - Randy- again in the FINALS for the ECSTS trip. The judges see 3 slowkings on my bro's BENCH for the Nth time; RANDY seemed to have HATED this match.

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