Sun 4/22/01 Dark Star
April Tourney Results:
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Top 8
1) John N
2) Devon B (Zapdos6669)
3) Gilbert M
4) Howie T
5) Sean P
6) Tsukasa K
7) Alvin L
8) Aaron (DVPlume11)

Top 4

Devon B (Zapdos6669)

Sean P

Tsukasa K

Aaron MG(DVPlume11)

Final Standings

1) Tsukasa K

2) Aaron MG (DVPlume11)

3) Sean P

4) Devon B (Zapdos6669)

I wonder, I'm hearing strange rumbling coming my way... THANKS Chrisbo for dropping by (waiting for Westminster to avenge my loss) Thanks for everyone who dropped by, HEY Lionel (I love to say FTILP), Kevin and Alvin, Thanks too - NEXT TIME play...
SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to Sean for bringing over his LAPTOP (y2ace would've liked it)... SURE SHAVED off a lot of time between rounds, I OWE you one!!!
ME? BLAH!! Day... It did not end SOON enough!! - ipgeek21


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